Who are we ?

The « Papillons Blancs d’Hazebrouck » association is a parent’s group which aims to welcome, to help, to represent, to defend and to accompany those persons suffering intellectual disabilities and their relatives. The main belief held by the Association is that it is essential each and every person to make his or her own decisions.

To do this, our Association proposes a diverse array of solutions and strategies, including technical innovation and research. The Domo project is part of this dynamic and aims to promote the self-determination of people with intellectual disabilities through new technologies.

Our values

« The project is based on the shared values of all the partners and in particular:

  • respect for the person,
  • the recognition of citizenship,
  • the right to expression,
  • the fight against discrimination,
  • well-being,
  • legality,
  • dignity,
  • solidarity,
  • fraternity, secularism,
  • discretion and confidentiality. »

Our goals

“The project has made it possible to use new technologies in line with the needs of people with intellectual disabilities, whether they have an associated physical handicap or not, in order to help and promote self-determination and inclusion in society.”

  • The project concerns all persons with intellectual disabilities with or without an associated disability: 120,000 people in the Nord Pas-de-Calais, the « Papillons plan » association currently supports 16,000 people, and 4,300 people are registered on waiting lists for accommodation establishments.
  • Research will focus on the needs of people and the questions associated with universal accessibility
  • People live either at home, in institutions, with their caregivers or are waiting for an adapted accommodation solution
  • The deployed assistive technologies have the following objectives and functions: communication, assistance, security, facilitating daily life, remote treatment and entertainment. They will promote inclusion, self-determination, and the well-being of the person.


First step :

Identify technological tools that promote people’s independence in terms of compensation for disability

Second step :

Create or identify technological tools (the project will find an operational research axis)

Adapt these tools to the person by taking into account real needs and providing the means to express them. This implementation is constituted by three phases: testing, adaptation and evaluation. This leads the definition of a specification for adapted ICT development in the field of compensation for ID with or without an associated disability.

Deploy the techniques, by a modelling of the approach and through training of those involved (friends and family, helpers and professionals) over a period of 24 months.

Share the results


  • first go February 2018

    Start of the project

  • 2018

    First step of the DOMO project

  • 2019-2020

    Second step of the DOMO project